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Four Sons in Army, Father in Civil War, Buffalo Lake News, 11-8-1918

It may be of interest to the readers of your paper to learn of the whereabouts of my sons. When war was declared in Europe I could scarcely believe it and dreaded such a war, for having gone… Read More

Letter From Ernest Wallner, Buffalo Lake News, 11-8-1918

The following letter was received by Virgil Wallner from his cousin, Ernest Wallner, now in France. France, Sept. 15th, 1918 Dear Cousin: Your most welcome letter came to me yesterday, together with one from cousin, Lillian, and I… Read More

Peter Winkler Dies at Camp Grant, Buffalo Lake News, 10-25-1918

Last Sunday Mr. Andrew Winkler received a message from Camp Grant, Ill., announcing the death of his brother, Peter J. Winkler, which occurred at 10:10 a.m. that day. His death resulted from influenza contracted at camp. Although he… Read More

Letter from Alfred Sell, Buffalo Lake News, 9-20-1918:

A P. Sell Wounded Writes Cheerful Letter Home The following is a letter received by R. E. Sell last Saturday from his son, Alfred, written August 16th, bringing them the news that he had been wounded and was… Read More

Letter From Platt Nellermoe, Buffalo Lake News, 9-20-1918

Fort Totten, N.Y., Sept. 13th 1918 Dear Mr. Foster: It has been my intention nearly all summer to write you but as you can imagine army life doesn’t afford one the leisure time that civilian life does. I… Read More

“Jerry” Stucke Writes From England, Buffalo Lake News, 10-25-1918

Somewhere in England, My Dear Folks: At last we have reached land which many of us were looking for. We were on the water a few days longer than most of them, the first five days the ocean… Read More

Former Buffalo Lake Boy Dies in France, Buffalo Lake News, 10-25-1918

Frank Prelvitz received a telegram last Wednesday bearing the sad message that his brother, William had died of wounds, in France, September 29th. William W. Prelvitz entered the army on June 25th last, from Mantidor, N.D., and was… Read More

Farm Lands For Soldier Boy, Buffalo Lake News, 10-18-1918

Practical Plans to Be Made to Provide Farms for Returned Soldiers The appointment by Governor Burnquist of a committee on land settlements for returning soldiers and industrial workers is a timely step in the right direction which will… Read More

Doctors Calls Without Cause, Buffalo Lake News, 10-25-1918

Imperative That Physicians and Nurses Not Be Summoned Unless Necessary – Proper Care of Patients – Surgeon General Blue Tells What to Do for Persons Sick with Spanish Influenza – Use of Gauze Masks Recommended Washington – In… Read More

Death Takes Toll From Renville Co. Soldiers in Camp, Buffalo Lake News, 10-11-1918

Several deaths in camp of Renville county soldiers occurred during the week and a number of others are reported ill. Allyn Wenz from near Hector died in Camp Grant the first of this week from influenza. He was… Read More