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LARGE DRAFT ENTRAINS TODAY: Half of Number to go to Camp Cody and Balance to Camp Forest, GA – Late Registrants Included. Olivia Times 10-24-1918

No Public Reception Will be Held on Account of the Influenza Epidemic. Bird Island: Lloyd L. Battershell, Warren J. Gallery, Carl Heinzelman, Vincent Hurley, Engvald Johnson, Frank R. Karp, Edward A. Kenning, John Neumann, Gust Olinger, Leonard Selle,… Read More

Letter from Warren H. Peterson Olivia Times 10-17-1918

August 11, 1918Dear Mother:I guess you have been wondering why I don’t write but here is the whole thing in a nut shell-I am in a position now so I can’t. I wish I could write all about… Read More

Letter from Ralph Ryan Olivia Times 10-17-1918

The following letter from a Renville county boy, who enlisted from Fairfax in May 1917, and who has been on the firing line for the past five months, will be of interests to the Times readers:J.R. Landy, Olivia,… Read More

Two Soldiers Die in Camp, Olivia Times, 10-17-1918

Frank C. Spevacek and Wm. Tolzman Succomb to Influenza While in Service: Left Olivia as Companions, Remains Shipped to Olivia and Danube For Burial in Home Cemetery The remains of two soldier boys, Frank C. Spevacek and Wm…. Read More

Many Deaths From Influenza, Olivia Times, 10-10-1918

Many Deaths of Renville County People in Army Camps and Among Civilians: Four Funerals at Hector – Mother and Son at Renville Die a Few Hours Apart and are Buried Together Great anxiety is caused over the rapid… Read More

Olivia Boy Dies For His Country, Olivia Times, 10-10-1918

William Erickson Killed in Battle While Fighting in Defense of Old Glory: Remain Buried in France; Left Olivia Last April and a Few Months Later Was Sent to France Somewhere beneath the blue skies of France in a… Read More

Letter from Joseph W Koterba, Olivia Times, 10-10-1918

England, Sept. 12, 1918 Dear Father and Mother; Will write you a few lines to let you know that I am well and hope you are all the same. I received thirteen letters yesterday, I sure was glad… Read More

Letter From Nat C. Kuske, Olivia Times, 10-10-1918

The following letter is writing by N. C. Kuske from Ellington Field, Houston, Texas, September 21st, 1918 Friend Foster; Arrived here, one of the largest flying fields of its kind in the world, last week, as just getting… Read More

Letter From Hiram Foreman, Olivia Times, 9-2-1918: Soldiers Letter To His Mother

Camp Dix, N.J., September 2nd, 1918 Dear Folks: Arrived safe and sound at our new camp. It certainly is a great change. This is a fine camp comparing to Cody. We are just 35 miles from Philadelphia, Penn…. Read More

Letter from Ed Kubesh, Olivia Times, 10-24-1918

Camp Taylor, Ky., October 12, 1918, Olivia, Minn. Mr. J. R. Landy, Dear Friend: As I am officer of the day with little to do makes me think of Olivia. Often think of that good town in the… Read More