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LARGE DRAFT ENTRAINS TODAY: Half of Number to go to Camp Cody and Balance to Camp Forest, GA – Late Registrants Included. Olivia Times 10-24-1918

No Public Reception Will be Held on Account of the Influenza Epidemic. Bird Island: Lloyd L. Battershell, Warren J. Gallery, Carl Heinzelman, Vincent Hurley, Engvald Johnson, Frank R. Karp, Edward A. Kenning, John Neumann, Gust Olinger, Leonard Selle,… Read More

Olivia Boy Dies For His Country, Olivia Times, 10-10-1918

William Erickson Killed in Battle While Fighting in Defense of Old Glory: Remain Buried in France; Left Olivia Last April and a Few Months Later Was Sent to France Somewhere beneath the blue skies of France in a… Read More

Raymond Jones Writes from Somewhere in France Morton Enterprise October 4 1918

August 18, 1918Dear Sister,How are you all today? I am fine and dandy and hope you are all the same. Well, today is Sunday and it is just a year since I left Olivia so thought I would… Read More

Letter from Ed Kubesh, Olivia Times, 10-24-1918

Camp Taylor, Ky., October 12, 1918, Olivia, Minn. Mr. J. R. Landy, Dear Friend: As I am officer of the day with little to do makes me think of Olivia. Often think of that good town in the… Read More

Letter From Arnold Bergien, Olivia Times, 10-24-1918

Edgerwood, Maryland, October 6, 1918 Dear Mr. Byers: Was transferred down here from Syacuse, N.Y., and am now doing guard duty at the Arsenal. Had a very pleasant trip down here and saw many interesting sights. First of… Read More

Letters from Soldier Boys, Olivia Times, 10-24-1918

Ed. Kubesh and Arnold Bergein Write From Army Camp Camp Taylor, Ky., October 12, 1918, Olivia, Minn. To Mr. J. R. Landy, Dear Friend: As I am officer of the day with little to do makes me think… Read More

Olivia Times June 20, 1918: 147 Men Selected for Army: Renville County Sends Largest Quota Next Monday

The list of men to report here Sunday is a follows: Leo Rudolph Abraham, Arthur Chester Abraham, Edward G. Agre, John Manley Allmon, Edwin Helsberg Anderson, Johannes Anderson, Leslie Antonsen, Joseph Henry Beck, Robert B. Bengston, Henry M…. Read More