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LARGE DRAFT ENTRAINS TODAY: Half of Number to go to Camp Cody and Balance to Camp Forest, GA – Late Registrants Included. Olivia Times 10-24-1918

No Public Reception Will be Held on Account of the Influenza Epidemic. Bird Island: Lloyd L. Battershell, Warren J. Gallery, Carl Heinzelman, Vincent Hurley, Engvald Johnson, Frank R. Karp, Edward A. Kenning, John Neumann, Gust Olinger, Leonard Selle,… Read More

Draftees left for Camp Grant, Ill. leave on September 6, 1918: Listed in all the Renville County Newspapers

Bird Island: Thomas Culley, Nicholas Jacoby, Joseph Kreuzkemper, Louis J. LaFontaine, Peter M. LaFontaine, Arthur T. Ledin, Walter Leonard Melquist, William Otto Nenow, Leo J. Puls, Melvin Arthur Tollifson, Willie Winters Buffalo Lake: Leslie Antonsen; Ervan Carlson; Charles… Read More