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A History of the Early Episcopal Church of the St. John’s Mission


A History of the Early Episcopal Church of the St. John’s Mission Researched & prepared by June Robertson Lehman


The purpose of this publication was to put forth a history of the St. John’s Episcopal Church. There was little information available on it. We were unable to acquire any recxords on the church, so what we have was gathered from the newspapers and works of other historians. This church was built in Beaver Falls in 1891, when Beaver Falls lost the County Seat in 1900 the town started to die. In 1909, the church was moved by two steam engines to Olivia, Minnesota. It was remodeled adding the bell tower and stain glass windows. When the church of deconsecrated it was again moved to Park Avenue on July 24, 1981 and used for community events and classes. On October 7, 1997 the church was moved to Morton, Minnesota on the Museum Grounds. This church is used for special events including the 4th of July Patriotic Sing-a-Long. The church is also available for weddings and other ceremonies. Contact the Museum 507-697-6147 or info@renvillecountyhistory.com if you would like to use the church for an event.

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