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Adrian Looks Back

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An historic account gleaned from early newspapers of Renville, MN by Adrian Bottge.


In an editorial, Jim Jones, former editor of the Renville Star-Farmer, wrote: “It is one of the tragedies of history that so much of the past, which bears on the future, is lost because unfortunately at the time it does not seem to have much importance: and preserving local history in schools and governmental facilities has had a low priority.”

Renville, Minnesota has been fortunate in having had good newspapers from its founding and copies of most issues still exhibit in the loft of the Star-Farmer.

The book is a mix of Adrian Bottge’s boyhood memories and numerous quotes from the writings of the editors of the Renville newspapers; all of whom wrote with a flavor all their own. Journalism in the old days had a “no holds barred” attitude that is missing today, but makes for humorous and interesting reading.

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