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China Travailog


An American Teacher in China is a book by a former Morton author, Janice Zumwinkle Neidhart.


Autographed copy! This book is a frank, outspoken account of the author’s four months of teaching English in Yangzhou, China–a job she undertook as a member of the Senior Teaching Corps, a group of retired teachers from Washington State. As her title implies, the experience wasn’t all rosy. She was repulsed by the dirt, bemused by the frequent rests that are part of a working day, and highly frustrated by ubiquitous bureaucratic glitches and zany hitches in travel arrangements. But her students responded to her energy; she found them to be affectionate, intelligent, and humourous. She include a generous selection of their writings, which give a poignant, sometimes surprising view of China’s recent history.

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