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Echoes of Earth


Finding Ourselves in the Origins of the Planet by L. Sue Baugh

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Echoes of Earth: Finding ourselves in the origins of the planet tells the story of a life-changing journey taken by L. Sue Baugh and her colleague, Lynn Martinelli, to document some of the oldest rock and minerals in the world. They traveled to remote regions in Western Australia, Greenland, Northwest Canada, and the Grand Canyon, and eventually journeyed into territory not marked on any map.

Echoes of Earth reveals the extraordinary story they found in the breathtaking beauty and transforming power of these ancient sites. Not only did the two women reawaken their own artistic lives, they also discovered that our human origins lie hidden in the secrets of the oldest stones. We carry ancient minerals deep within our bones and ancient life within our human cells. We are all echoes of Earth.

The book’s innovative design includes foldouts, half pages, and cutouts that shift the reader’s perspective in surprising and profound ways. The Timelines of Earth, with illustrations by the author, reveal how ancient stone and ancient life built and still sustain this world we inhabit. Echoes of Earthinvites you to explore some of the world’s most ancient places and to discover for yourself our deep, intimate connection to Earth.

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