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Locked up in Frost


by Patricia Buschette


For generations, residents of small agricutltural communitites in rural Minnesota lived their lives tuned to the season of the year. It is no different in Glenview. This small town in southeastern Minnesota functions in concert with the calendar. Jens Jensen makes his way to a favorite gathering place to gain iinsight from the local gentry on an important decision he much make. As he makes his way, the 2004 fall crop is bring harvested.
Jens comes to understand that the decision before him must be his alone and it must come from within his soul. He confronts his past and makes a decision that will change his life and that of his community.
Patricia BuschetteĀ  has deep roots in Renville County. She writes for the local paper and this is her first book of fiction. Autographed Copies!

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