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Mars Gets New Chariots


The Iron Horse in Combat, 1861-65.  By Lt Col Alan R. Koenig, Field Artillery, United States Army Reserve

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During the American Civil War, railroads provided considerable logistical support, but locomotives and rolling stock also served in tactical roles not just in rear areas, but also at the fronts and in veritable no-man’s-lands. Mars Gets New Chariots addresses how, after being absent for centuries, fighting vehicles returned to modern warfare. While much of their work was utilitarian, their missions ranged from stealthy reconnaissance to close combat. Riding humble handcars or powerful locomotives and trains, Federals and Confederates alike exploited these new war chariots’ speed, mobility, and firepower in the Railroad War, a struggle for vital logistical arteries. Other railborne vehicles fought in combat ranging from skirmishes to set-piece battles.

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