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Murder, Mystery and Mayhem in Minnesota


by Patricia Lubeck


Murder and Misfortune in Minnesota This book contains stories of early crimes of disturbing proportions — the weapons used to commit these dastardly deeds, the proceedings of the justice system at the time, early prison conditions and treatment of prisoners during their incarceration, and the judge’s sentencing of the convicted. Most slayings in the 19th century started as disagreements among farmers in the field. They struggled to make a better life and many times took the law into their own hands. Insults to one’s honor were taken seriously and violence was the method of settling disputes. The knife or a bludgeoning tool were the common weapons of choice, but later on, a good pistol could do a quick job in an unfortunate situation. Farm tools could also be used as weapons — the ax, the pitchfork, the rope, the potato masher, the bolting pin, and even strychnine, which was used to poison vermin — these were all at the ready and highly effective when needed. This book reveals how various types of lethal weapons were used to commit murder and misfortune in rural Redwood County in the early years. Eventually, official justice was established by the courts, replacing private vengeance committed as a result of feuds, fights or fraud. After reading these stories though, one might wonder — is there truly any justice in this world!

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