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Letter from Ernest Hagquist, Hector Mirror, 11-7-1918

Letter from “Chic”: France a Beautiful Place But Wants Christmas Dinner at Home–Is Learning French Somewhere in France, Sept 25, 1918 Dear Folks, I think by today you will have received the card telling of my safe arrival,… Read More

A Letter from Mrs. Melville Cummings, Hector Mirror, 11-7-1918

A letter from Mrs. Melville Cummings of St. Paul contains the following news which will be of interest to many Hector people: Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cummings and baby have returned to St. Paul and are living at… Read More

“Sandstorm Division” Hector Mirror 10-31-1918

Word was received in Hector the past week that the “Sandstorm Division,” long stationed at Camp Cody, had at last arrived over seas and we’ll be they were a happy bunch. To this Division belongs seven Hector boys… Read More

Letter from Carl O. Potter from France Hector Mirror 09-19-1918

July 29, 1918, Somewhere in FranceDear friends at home:I have received no letter from any of you lately but I know it is not your fault, and think maybe some of you may be interested to know I… Read More

Letter from Ray Hirt, Hector Mirror, 10-24-1918

Somewhere in France, Aug. 25, 1918 Dear Mr. Wisman & Members of the High School; Before leaving Hector for “Over There” I promised to write a letter from France, but I arrived too late for you to receive… Read More

Soldier E M Butler Recovering From Wounds, Hector Mirror, 9-26-1918

An article of Sept. 9th, by a special Paris correspondent of the Minneapolis Tribune, contains the following information concerning a Hector soldier boy. “Mrs. E. J. Butler of Hector, Minn., whose son, E. M. Butler, a private of… Read More

Letter From Allen Wenz, Hector Mirror, 19 Sep 1918: Allen Wenz Says Uncle Sam Feeds the Boys Well, Praises Red Cross

Camp Grant, Ill., Sept. 8, 1918 My dear father, Will take pleasure in answering your letter this morning, Sunday, as I am feeling somewhat better now from vaccination shot. My arm is somewhat swollen yet and it burns… Read More

Letter from Pvt John S Nelson, Hector Mirror, 9-12-1918

Camp Dix, N.J., Sept. 8, 1918 Dear Mr. Corson; I suppose you will be surprised to hear from me but it is more a business letter than a social one as I am not acquainted with you. I… Read More

Letter from Ernest Hagquist, Hector Mirror, 9-12-1918

Camp Hill, Newport News, Va., Sept. 6, 1918 Dear Mr. Nixon, We are at our port of embarkation now; have been here for two weeks and are ready to leave for the boat most any minute. It’s a… Read More

“Sandstorm Division”, Hector Mirror, 9-12-1918

Hector Boys Who Enlisted Early Make a Change at Last Are Now at Camp Dix, N.J., After 4 ½ Days Travel On April 26, 1917, The following Hector boys enlisted for the war: John S. Nelson, Dick Reidler,… Read More