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Soldier E M Butler Recovering From Wounds, Hector Mirror, 9-26-1918

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An article of Sept. 9th, by a special Paris correspondent of the Minneapolis Tribune, contains the following information concerning a Hector soldier boy.

“Mrs. E. J. Butler of Hector, Minn., whose son, E. M. Butler, a private of the marine corps, was wounded during the Chateau Thierry engagement, may rest assured that the latter has received the letter which she sent him in care of the Paris edition of the New York Herald.

Mrs. Butler received a letter from her son in July, stating he was in one of the American base hospital and that he had not heard from home since landing in France last May. Mrs. Butler wrote the Herald office in Paris, inclosing a letter for her son. She stated she took this method of reaching him because the letters which she had sent direct to him had failed to reach their destination. A member of the Herald staff informed The Tribune correspondent today that Mrs. Butler’s letter had reached her son, who is recovering from his wounds.”