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58 County Boys Give Their Lives in World War II

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Published in the Buffalo Lake News on July 4, 1946

12 Men From Eastern Renville County Made Supreme Sacrifice in the Second World War.

The first consolidated list of Army dead and missing in World War II – a compilation of the names of nearly 310,00 men and women who gave their lives in the nation’s service – were released by the War Department today.

The Renville County list shows 58 gave their lives in World War II. Nine of these men are from the Buffalo Lake area.

An overall death and missing rate of 2.98 percent from all causes was indicated by the listing. Of more than 10,000,000 men and women mobilized into the Army between the presidential declaration of unlimited national emergency on May 27, 1941, and the concluding date of the study, January 31, 1946, a total of 307,554 had been killed in action, died of other causes or became missing, later to be determined dead. In addition, 1,424 persons were still carried as missing on January 31, 1946, bringing the total number of names in the list to 308,978.
Of this total, 57.1 percent, numbering 176,432 were listed as killed in action. Other casualty breakdowns showed that 25,493 (8.25%) died of wounds suffered in combat; 929 (.3%) died of combat injuries; 85,219 (27.6%) died other than in battle, and 19,451 (6.3%) were administratively determined to have died. The missing figure of 1,424 represented .45% of the total.
The tabulation for the State of Minnesota reads as follows:
Killed in Action (KIA) 3,793
Died of Wounds (DOW) 607
Died of Injuries 23
Died Non-Battle (DNB) 1,626
Finding of Death Under Public Law 382
Missing 6,463 (M)
The list of men who gave their lives in battle under one of the causes mentioned above includes only those whose home address was Renville County.
Sgt. John A. Aalderks, KIA; Pfc. Frank E. Barber, KIA; Pfc. Quinton Leslie Sanford Benson, KIA in Saipan 07/06/1944; Lieut. Eva M. Biebel, DNB; Sgt. Charley V. Blondell, KIA; Pvt. Jerome S. Boyum, KIA; Pfc. Wayne V. Brandt, DNB; Clarence F. Buehler, KIA; Pfc. Emil A. Butendorf, DNB; S/Sgt. Myron A. Carrigan, KIA; 1st Lt. Robert G. Chesky, M; T/5 Charles Christensen, KIA; Pvt. Harry B. Clancy, KIA; Pvt. Merlin J. Clouse, KIA; Pvt. Raymond A. Coursoll, KIA; Lt. Comm. John B. Daly, KIA; Pfc. Arthur M. Distad, KIA; Pfc. Howard R. Dodge DND; Pfc. Matt J. Dworshak, KIA; Pfc. Ertwin H. Gens, KIA; Capt. Leonard A. Haen, KIA; 2nd Lt. Robert M. Hagestad, DNB; 2nd Lt. Herbert C. Hansen, KIA; Sgt. Leo C. Hartmann, KIA; S/Sgt. Frank E. Hautals, DOW; Pfc. Halvor H. Helgeson, KIA; Pfc. Lester L. Ingalls, KIA; Cpl. James F. Hoff, KIA; Pvt. Leonard C. Johnson, KIA; S/Sgt. Harold C. Julson, KIA; 2nd Lt. William P. Kieffer, KIA; Pvt. Joseph A. Krentz, M; S/Sgt. Walter O. Kurth, KIA; Pfc. Erwin A. Lindquist, DOW; Pfc. Henry Markgraf, KIA;; Pfc. Arnold E. Nicolai, DNB; Sgt. Lester E. Odell, DOW; Pfc. Silas J. Olson KIA; Pvt. John Palacias. DOW; Pfc. H.J. Pawlitschek, KIA; PFC, Charles P. Pederson, KIA; T/5 Gordon C. Powers, KIA; Sgt. John P. Revier, KIA; Sgt. Herman R. Rewerts, KIA; Pfc. Vernon R. Romness, DNB; S/Sgt. William Schroeder, DOW; Pfc. Herbert F. Schlute, KIA; Sgt. Ellsowrth J. Seesz, DNB; Pfc. George F. Spevacek, KIA; Pfc. Charles M. Stegel, KIA; T/5 Milton O. Stoll, DOW; S/Sgt. Timothy J. Sullivan, DOW; Sgt. Carl O. Swanson, KIA; Capt. Lyle R. Torbenson, KNB; Sgt. Rudolph C. Trapp, KIA; Sgt. George E. Wabashaw, KIA; 2nd Lt. Philip N. Wolling, DNB; Pfc. Edgar G. Wood, KIA and Pfc. George S. Works, DOW.

Editor’s Note: We honor all Renville County veterans at the Renville County Historical Society, if you have more information to add to the veterans’ lists for all the military and wars please contact Nicole at the Museum 507-697-6147. We want to make sure they are honored.