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Abner Rude, Killed In Action, Renville County Journal, September 6, 1918

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Abner, a son of Mr. & Mrs. T.A. Rude, formerly residents of Sacred Heart, but now of South St. Paul, was killed in action in France on August 8th. Abner was 22 yrs. Old, a private in the 42nd Field Artillery. He was one of the first to enlist in April 1917, just after the U.S. had entered the war. He wrote a letter to his parents on Aug. 3rd in which he manifested the best of spirits. At that time he was back of the trenches for a rest after strenuous service but he went back the next day and was killed two days later. Abner was born in this village where his father was at various times Post Master, merchant and still later in company with our present County Commissioner, Ed Paulson, a purchaser, feeder and shipper of stock. The people of Sacred Heart are proud of Abner, and extend to Mr. & Mrs. Rude their most cordial sympathy in their loss. The satifaction of knowing that their son died in a noble cause, died for the upholding of honor of his country may be but little comfort for them in this hour of their bereavement.