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Bandon First Over in Fairfax District, Fairfax Standard, 10-3-1918

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Allotment in Bandon Oversubscribed, and More Coming. Wellington Coming Well; Fairfax, Cairo Slow

Although the Fourth Liberty Loan drive was launched Saturday, final results cannot be given at this time.

It is gratifying to note, however, that Wellington, which is a part of the Fairfax District, came through with the major portion of her allotment in short time, with some still to hear from. Those of the committee in Wellington are: J.Y. Crawford, Leo Coleman, W. Gerrahy, Geo. Blumhaefer, Henry Cloves, Chas. W. Kiecker.

Bandon, also, has reported its subscription of the full amount, $33,000, and have a good margin to brag of and more to come. The committee was composed of Edw. Kelly, Ole Hage, Oscar Hanson, Axel Dalquist, O.P. Hoimyr, John Cronin, Henry Strom and Oscar Olson.

The report from Cairo township was not in yet yesterday afternoon. The committee in this township is made up of Chas. Wellner, John Albrecht, Jos. Julius Jr., A.H. Rieke, Theo. Dickmeyer, Paul Schewe, Henry Hanson and Vincent Maxwell.

The report from the village was not completed yesterday. The committee from here is composed of C.W. Heimann, Albert Mundahl, A.E. Carver, Albert Breese, Louis Wellner, Otto Rienke and Harry Dickmeyer.

The allotment for Cairo is $37,500 and Fairfax $54,000.