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Published in the Morton Enterprise on November 26, 1915.

Belview and this Time on Opponents Home Floor—Score 46 to 23

Friday night brought out another victory for the local high school team, a second winning over the town team of Belview.

Like the previous game, Belview started coring with free throws and soon the score was 2 to 0, with our team trailing. Chief, vowing “none of those upstart Belview boys would beat our team,” got the bunch together and soon we had a comfortable lead. Baker, Gaasch, and Donlon also scored a basket or tow this half. The score at the end of the first half standing, Morton 21, Belview 9.

The second half Fish went against Donlon, a substitute taking Gimmestad’s place at left forward. Belview, with a, do or die spirit, started with a rush, but after ten or twelve minutes were pretty tame. Fish was the star for the losing team. His work at all times being flashy and swift.

Chief Orth was the star for the locals, and though outjumped by his man, played a great running game, making 9 baskets. Baker and Gaasch played consistently throughout and they followed well, each garnered several baskets.

Morton                                                Belview
Gaasch                      l.f.                    Fish
Baker                        r.f.                    Gimmestad
Orth                            c.                     C. Nelson
Donlon                       r.g.                   D. Nelson
Fuller                          l.g.                   Mogen
Field Goals: Orth 9, Baker 6, Gaasch 5, Donlon 2, Fish 6, Nelson 2, Mogen 1. Free Throws: Fish, Baker 2, Nelson 4. Referee—McGowan

The Morton team was royally entertained after the game by a dance and an oyster supper. Several rooters also accompanied the team.

The High School girls scheduled a basketball game with Renville and went to that place Saturday, Nov. 20, to contest for honors wit them. The trip was made by auto and added to the discomfort of the cold drive, the girls were delayed on account of car trouble. Due to this delay, they did not arrive there in time for any practice and in their chilled condition had to contend on an outdoor court.

The Renville girls were found to be very sociable and proved to be good opponents. With the exception of their center, they were about an equal match in size with Morton. Being accustomed to outdoor play8ing, the Renville girls had the advantage of the homegirls. Thruout the entire game there was no evidence of dispute or unfair play.

During the first half Renville made 9 points, Morton 2. The honor for this heroic deed goes to Agnes Donlon. In the last half Renville lined up the rest of their 28 points; Morton failed to score, but the disagreeable weather must be considered. Morton made numerous fouls, but these errors enabled them to discover their weak points and they hope to overcome them in their future games.

The line-up:
Morton                                                Renville
Prior                            C                     Peterson
Mahowald                 B C                 Dale
Little, Rush               L F                  Brown
Donlon                       R F                  Brown
Munsell                      L G                  George
Everet                         R G                 Huff
Referees—Misses Gruebler and Frederick