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Poems of American Patriotism Chosen by Brander Matthews

Poems of American Patriotism Chosen by Brander Matthews published by Charles Scribner’s Sons 1899 The book, Poems of American Patriotism, is from the Renville County Historical Society’s collection. The book is from Renville County District # 117 which was… Read More

Careers of Danger and Daring by Cleveland Moffett

Careers of Danger and Daring by Cleveland Moffett This book was found in the collection in our Country Schoolhouse District 36 located on the Museum Grounds. The book was originally from Renville County School District 109 which was… Read More

Can I Borrow Your Scissors?: Left-handed Woes By Nicole Elzenga

I called my mom the other day and asked her why they allowed me to continue be a left-handed writer. Her response, “Because that was what you are.” In my family, it was only myself and my Aunt… Read More

Meet the Staff by Linda Balk

Nicole Elzenga, Executive Director Nicole Elzenga started as our Executive Director on February 20, 2015. Nicole has jumped in with both feet and is off and running. Prior to coming to RCHS she worked for 15 years  as… Read More

Working and Learning by Linda Balk

     Next year is the 100th Anniversary of the United States entering the “War to End All Wars” aka World War I. In 1920 the Olivia Times Publishing Company printed a book about all the veterans who took… Read More

A Day in the Life of a Researcher by Linda Balk

My day, most of the time, starts at 10:00 AM when the Renville County Historical Society & Museum (RCHS) opens, though on days when I have a deadline to meet or have a lot of research to do… Read More

2017 Featured Town

Olivia, Minnesota is the featured town of Renville County for 2017