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Published in the Morton Enterprise on February 4, 1916.

Madison Basket Shooters will Endeavor to Lessen Morton’s Chances in District Championship Contest

Local basketball fans are becoming intensely nervous in anticipation of the fast game to be played here Saturday, for while none fear defeat, all expect a strenuous contest.

The local quint having defeated Lamberton’s team, he no doubt put Madison on their guard and they are probably doing much practicing, while, on account of the Opera House being in demand for so many nights, the local boys nights, the local boys have had no chance to practice.

An idea of how much interest is being shown locally for the Madison game may be gained from the following poem from the pen of an eighth-grade pupil:

As Prophesied by an Eighth Grader

The game is on, the crowd is here,
     They’re all equipped to help us cheer.
Madison is practicing baskets now,
     Thinking they’re showing Morton how.
The game is called, they all lineup,
     Morton’s playing for the cup.
With this in mind, they start up fine,
     Quick and alert for every sign.
First Madison scores, that looks pretty “tuff,”
     “Chuck” says to himself, “that’s just ‘enuf!”
Go to, fellows, they came today,
     Thinking we didn’t know how to play.
Show ‘em we can, get ‘em, hard!
     They’ve got the rottenest kind of guard.
Don’s doing his part in keeping his back,
     But the Morton spirit is all we lack.
With these cheery words, they started to play,
     A game that made Madison sorrowful that day.
And when it was finished they shouted the score,
     Madison two, and Morton twenty-four.
“State Championship Prospects”
The boys of the Morton High school basketball team were in town a short time last Saturday morning while on their way home from Lamberton where they met and defeated the high school quint there by a 39 to 20 score. The boys came into the Herald-Dispatch office to tell us of the affair in their glee of victory, saying they thought we might be interested in knowing how our victors (Lamberton) bit the dust. When asked to tell about the game, one of the boys gave a rather lucid explanation that “we simply outplayed them all around.” The Morton boys had won 12 straight victories up to that time. It looks as though Morton has a good state championship prospects. – Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch