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Donation Items for the Museum: RCHS preserves the history of Renville County from Yesterday until Tomorrow

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Have you ever considered donating items to the Renville County Historical Society? While cleaning out your closets, attics or garages keep RCHS in mind for Renville County related items. RCHS preserves the history of Renville County from yesterday until tomorrow. It is the Mission of RCHS to discover, preserve and share the history of Renville County. Before you throw it away give Nicole a call at the Museum to see if it is needed for the RCHS artifact or archive collection.

Keep the following list in mind:

· Obituaries & funeral cards, feature stories from across the county, church anniversary booklets, graduation & wedding invitations, wedding & birth announcements

· Yearbooks for ALL schools in Renville County. See the RCHS BLOG for a list of the Yearbooks we have in the research library.

· Items that have business names on them and given out as gifts/premiums (prior 2019)

· Renville County Related Photographs (family, sports, activities, businesses, churches, etc.)

· Additional history & photographs on the ‘Old Villages’ of Renville County

· Renville County Related Military items & photographs and Legion & VFW histories

· Renville County Platbooks & Maps. See the RCHS BLOG for a list of the platbooks in the Research Library.

RCHS also accepts Day-to-Day items

· Office Supplies: 1/5 Cut Manila File Folders, #10 Envelopes and First Class Stamps, Copy Paper (8 1/2” x 11” & 11”x17”, 110# 8 1/2” x 11” multi-colored cardstock); 9”x12” manila envelopes

· Other Supplies: toilet paper, paper towels, dusting wipes, antibacterial wipes, bathroom & kitchen cleaning solutions, toilet bowl cleaner, etc.