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Edward Subgrunski writes home published in the Franklin Tribune August 8, 1918

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Edward Subgrunski 

Camp Wadsworth, S.C.,
To my Friends in Franklin:
Arrived at Camp on Sunday at nine o’clock and was glad of it for we were tired riding on the train so long. Saw some grand scenery on the road. We were treated very fine in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The band marchd up and down alongside the train and played “Over There” and the Red Cross gave us fruit. We surely did thank them for it too. All the whistles blew in the whole city and the people waved flags at us and bid us good bye.
I give my most hearty thanks to the Red Cross for the comfort kit, which I received of them. We surely appreciate everything from them.
I am assigned to the 56 Pioneer Infantry Supply Company and I surely like it fine and the rest of the boys do too. This is the most sanitary camp in the United States. That is its record as only one death here so far yet.

Ed. Subgrunski