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Farewell Reception For Soldier Boys, Hector Mirror, 10-24-1918

Voiced by Amazon Polly

A large number of relatives and friends gathered at the J. A. Anderson home in Palmyra last Monday night to pay their tribute to two of “our boys”, Arvid Anderson and Vernie Wulkan, who leave for training camp this week.

A fine program of patriotic music was given by Alice and Mabel Anderson, Atalia Fredrickson and Ila Anderson. Some fine readings were also given, after which John Engberg, with a few kind remarks, presented the boys with beautiful identification lockets. Mr. Anderson responding in such a manly way that it will always be remembered. The true American spirit prevailing in the following little home-made poem, part of the program:

Yankee Doodle has crossed the sea
            Equipped with brain and muscle

Intent on gaining victory
            In this world’s greatest tussle

The Yankee flag is at the top
            Above the whole caboodle

There isn’t any chance to stop
            Our mighty Yankee Doodle.

When we have counted up the score
            Of all the Huns we’ve taken

Why Yankee Doodle as of yore
            Is bringing home the bacon.


Yankee Doodle doodle do
            Is mighty quick and handy

He certainly can fight for you
            Our Yankee Doodle dandy.