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Flag Received Monday, Morton Enterprise, 12-20-1918

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The following letter together with a Fourth Liberty Loan flag was received by the chairman of the Fourth Liberty Loan for the village of Morton, Minn.
Buffalo Lake, Minn., December 11, 1918
Dear Sir:
In appreciation of the Loyalty and Fourth Liberty Loan bond sales in your village, your government herewith present your village with a Fourth Liberty Loan Service flag, showing 6 stars, the stars stand for percentage of distribution of bonds per capita as per record of Minneapolis office of your village. This flag is the property of your village and when your boys return home “from over there” this flag should be displayed, thereby showing the boys, that you have backed them up here at home, while they were fighting for us. I congratulate your village, and you as chairman, upon the splendid showing in the last bond sale. It was not a one man’s job, and had the boys not waded in with the whim they did, our county might have failed in its efforts to reach its allotment. I beg to remain, Yours very truly, F. G. Nellermoe, County Chairman