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Fourth Liberty Loan Requirements, Renville County Journal, 11-8-1918

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Renville County is required to raise $54,000 in the United War Fund Campaign between Nov. 11 and Nov. 18. Figure 5 per cent of the allotment for the Fourth Liberty Loan and pay your share with a smile. Not a dollar of your money ever did more good. Give generously and give cheerfully. Give with the same spirit of sacrifice as the boys who are dying for us that we may well make possible the winning of the war in this last great drive toward Berlin. Our boys are moving toward Berlin. Our boys are moving toward Berlin with an accelerating velocity. But for them to get there requires our undivided and unstinted backing. In spite of rumors of an armistice and an early peace the war is not yet over. And even though a victorious peace may soon be reached it will take many months before our men can all be returned home and returned to the useful and productive occupations of peace. Time will hang heavily and it will be for us to say how these fours shall be filled. It is for us to determine whether they shall be filled carelessly and recklessly and in a manner destructive to character and manhood or they shall be filled with influences which are calculated to hold the boys steadily in the paths of clean, righteous and useful lives. Consider the best and lasting effects upon the boys and throw the purse-strings wide open in this very important drive to raise money with which to carry on essential work among our boys who have gone to the war.