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Hector Guards Against Epidemic, Hector Mirror, 10-17-1918

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No School, Church or Public Meetings Allowed This Week or Sunday

The Village Council held a special meeting Tuesday and appointed Doctors D’Arms, Kohler and McKim as a Health Board to have charge of the public health of our village and clothed them with authority to see that people live up to health regulations as prescribed by the State Board of Health. The newly organized board met with the school board and the village council Tuesday evening and it was agreed to close the public schools until next Monday at least, and to forbid the holding of public meetings including church, until further notice. There are but few cases of influenza in town at present and none of them serious, but it was thot best to be on the safe side and use the utmost precaution to guard against the insidious disease.

The public school children are ordered to stay on their own premises and will not be allowed to play on the streets and the council has appointed a special police to enforce that order.

There is no reason for anyone to be alarmed; just be careful, cheerful, get plenty of fresh air and if you do feel ill go to bed, call a doctor and obey his orders.