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Influenza Abating, Fairfax Standard, 10-24-1918

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After a siege of ten days or two weeks, Spanish Influenza in Fairfax seems to be on the wane. By this it should not be taken that all danger contracting the disease is over, for there are still several cases in existence, and the public should be exceedingly careful. If we really are over the worst of it, credit is due the Board of Health for the precautionary measures taken to prevent the disease from spreading. Not only have the schools and churches of the village been closed, as well as other public gatherings prohibited, but every family in a village has received a circular from the Minnesota State Board of Health, and supplemented by the local Board of Health, setting forth rules to be observed, both as to those already affected, and as to precaution against contagion.

Some of the cases still lingering are of a more or less alarming nature, but as a whole there is an improvement in the community.

The ban on public gatherings, including churches and schools, will continue until further notice.