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Letter from Clarence Hassinger, Morton Enterprise, 12-27-1918

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Clarence Hassinger
December 6, 1896 – December 25, 1983

Periguiux, France,               Dec. 4, 1918

Dear Mother and All,

Well, I have a little time this morning so will try and write you a few lines to let you know I am well and still feeling fine. Hope that my letter finds you still the same. I guess now that this war is about over I can tell you a little more about my experience. First I will tell about my trip. We left Camp Upton on June 4, and went to Hoboken, N.J., where we went aboard the old German boat now the Aeclus. We sailed on the morning of June 7th. We were on the water eleven days landing at Brest, France, on the morning of June 18th. Gee, but that was a grand sight to see land, although we had a splendid trip and I only hope that the returning trip will be as enjoyable.

We left Brest on Sunday morning, June 23, arrived at our present camp, Periguiux, on June 25th and have been here most of the time. I was on detached service for a couple of months but was glad to get back with the bunch once more.

I received the two papers you sent me day before yesterday and enjoyed reading them very much.

Well, I suppose the weather in old Minnesota is pretty cold by this time. We still continue to receive our share of rain. They say that the weather begins to get warm again in January here. I sincerely hope it is true as under the conditions I don’t care to see much cold weather. You know the brakeman doesn’t have any caboose or fireman’s seat-box to ride over here. He has to ride out on some open car most of the time and sometimes, especially at night, it gets pretty cold. Well, mother, I don’t know very much news so I guess I will close for this time. Hoping to hear from you very soon,

With lots of love, Pvt. Clarence Hassinger, Co. A. 52 Regt. T.C., A.E.F., A.P.O. 794