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Letter from Ed Lammers, Fairfax Standard, 12-5-1918

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Letters Written from France Before Peace Came Predict an Early Victory

Under date of November 6, Edward C. Lammers, who is in France, wrote a letter to the Standard in which he says, “peace is near.” Following is the letter:

“I had a remittance of $1.50 sent you yesterday for subscription. This may be short of paying for a year, but I’ll be back in time to make up the deficit.

There are four of us Fairfax lads in this camp, so we let the paper go from one to another. The news looks good even if it is a month old.

You ought to see the papers here; only two pages, and most of that is advertising. They are generally two days behind time, however they tell us the peace is near.

Wishing for a sudden finish.

I am, Very truly yours, Ed. C. Lammers”