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Letter From Florense Grimes published in the Franklin Tribune August 8, 1918

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Florense Thomas Grimes born 25 Feb 1892 died 17 Jul 1968

July 24, 1918

Dear Sister,

Just got straightened out in my new home and like it fine. We left Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, about 3 P.M. Monday and got in here about 10 A.M. today. We had a grand trip except for a few little inconveniences, such as being crowded on the train. But it was nice and cool, so we got along in fine shape.

We stopped in most of the large cities on our way but of course did not see much of them as we were not allowed to get off the train except in Buffalo. We got into there yesterday afternoon about three o’clock. They have a place fixed there for the boys to take a shower-bath and we took ours.

Nearly every city we stopped at the Red Cross women and girls met us and it sure was great, all the things they gave us to eat. At Munice and Anderson, Ind., they knew we were coming, as there was a lot of boys from those places in our regiment. The largest crowds I ever saw met us at those two places. Talk about a send off, we sure got it.

It seems as though people watch for the troop trains the way we were met at all the towns and even the farm houses along the road. We seldom passed one that ther wasn’t some one out to wave at us.

I sure am sorry we did not get in here in time for me to see Hank. It sure would have been great. Would like to get over to see Leonard but don’t suppose I will get a chance as we won’t be here long, only a week to ten days is our limit. I was going to wire home but thought it wouldn’t make much difference.

Well, sis, I guess this is all for this time. I suppose I will be on my way when I hear from you, but I won’t regret it as I am one boy that wants to see this thing through and over with. Godby sis,

Your brother
Florense Grimes