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Letter From France Fairfax Standard October 3, 1918

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Dear Folks:
I have moved twice and stayed a couple of days in each place since I wrote the last post card.
By the time this reaches you, you probably will have threshed. Tell me how you worked things and how the crops turned out.
This moving every week knocks out our mail considerably I have not heard from you for almost a month, but that is all right, I’ll drop a line occasionally anyway.
I am in the northern part of France where things are commencing to be interesting. We see an aero battle nearly every day, but so far have had no occasion to use our gas masks nor helmets. Where we are quartered now the French are farming away just as usual.
When I was in Paris a couple of weeks ago I saw a couple of places where the shells from “Big Bertha” had landed, but the amount of damage was very slight.
No lights are permitted in this region after sundown, and during the day when we have an hour or so off we want to sleep.
As Dad what his home town in Switzerland was. I have a pal here who came from there about ten years ago. If we have a chance we may go across the border some time. We were but fifty miles from there a short time ago.
I am sending this note along with a couple of others in that is known as a “blue envelope.” It is not censored at the Base.
I am in the best of health and am well satisfied here.
A week ago at one of the Ys I saw a picture of Philadelphia magazine of the meeting of the farmers last spring on the O.M. Shott farm, near Franklin, and quite an article about it. A short time before that I read a paragraph in the London Daily Mail about Hopkins, Minn. What do you know about that! Old Minnesota is still on the map, and we are going to keep her there.
Say Hello for me to anyone you happen to meet–Adams, Donahue, Frank Hopkins, et.eal. How is Jim’s youngster?
With love, (Corporal) L.E. Whitner