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Letter from Jay Nellermoe, Renville County Journal, 10-20-1918: A Soldier Letter

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Dear Folks:

I am in good health and am feeling fine. I was wounded slightly the 5th so I am now in Base Hospital No. 6. I spent one day in Chateau Theiry and two days in Paris. Came in here this morning but expect to get back to my company soon. My wounds consist of four small scratches, two on the right arm and two on the back.

The time I received your last letter I also got one from Irene. I have also received newspapers twice so I have been fairly well supplied with news. In the last letter I received from you you mentioned that Peter Gerde was down there visiting.

Harvest is about completed; crops and garden truck is heavy and looks good except where we and the Germans travel. If they do not hold my mail at the company it will be some time before I get my now. I am enjoying life, sitting around in pajamas, taking naps, reading magazines, and daily mails. I have a good bed to sleep in and good things to eat and the treatment is the best there is.

Suppose your harvest is in full swing now? When you write tell me if you got through with the old binders. I have not heard from Louis, Guy, or Frank Word yet. This is the fifth letter I am writing home.

Please send this letter to Arthur. If he is in service send it to Alice 1st.

All that was lost to the Germans in the spring drive of fully four months, was all retaken in seventeen days.

I presume you are better posted on that than I am, through the daily newspapers at home. The Red Cross here are running some very nice trains now. Think I’d better close with love to you all – Pep and Donnie too.

Jay, Co. G 39th Inf.