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Letter From John, Morton Enterprise, 11-8-1918

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Somewhere in France, Oct. 7, 1918

Dear Folks,

Well how are you getting along by this time? I suppose Pa is plowing to beat the band now. When are you going to thresh? You wrote the last time that the crops were good; I hope so. Do you ever hear from Mike or August? I don’t. Where’s August now? Is he in France or over in the states yet? I did not see Jack D. yet and do not know his address or I would write to him. The sand storm division of Camp Cody are here and maybe August is over here now.

We were near Verdun, when I got shot through my left foot and right leg the 29th of Sept. Am feeling fine only a little lame yet.

I am in a hospital in southern France, writing this while sitting in bed. Well, what do you think about it now? It won’t last long any more. Wrote a letter to Grace a few days ago.

With Love. Your son, John