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Letter from Joseph Malacek, Olivia Times, 11-28-1918

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Joseph F. Malecek (Malacek)
December 6, 1894 – November 6, 1918

Last Letter By Soldier Joseph Malacek (Malecek) Writes Home While in Hospital Shortly Before Death Calls Him

New Mexico, Oct. 30, 1918

Dearest Mary:

How are you all getting along? Well, we are on the place now. We came here Monday evening, and I got sick and they took me in the hospital. I am getting better now. I guess that I got sick from riding on the train.

We were on the train four nights and four days, and we never get of the train until we get up here.

I didn’t get my soldier’s suit yet, and don’t think I’ll get it this week. Must tell you that here is nothing but stand all over, when I came up they sent me in the tent and there was about two inched of sand on the bed. When there is little wind it looks like a snow storm.

But it is nice and warm outside, the sun is so hot.

I get five more blankets besides mine. We don’t see any birds or houses around here. It seems so lonesome up here.

But they said that they will send all the farm boys home in the spring to put in the crops, and they said that we will never get in to France.

We get this paper for nothing up here. But we have to buy our stamps. I ain’t got any just now and I don’t know where to get them.

We couldn’t mail them so we always gave them to some of the men in town.

Well, I guess this will be all for to day, I feel so lonesome after you, dear friend. I don’t know how I will stand it here before spring.

Must tell you yet that the last two days when we were anything but sand, and big hills. Some of them were about one mile high or more.

Well, I will try to write you more when I will feel little better so give my best regards to all. So bye bye.

From as ever your friend, Joseph

This is my address, Jos. J. Malecek, Camp Cody, N.M., Company 15