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Letter from Reuben Fairfax Standard October 10, 1918

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Camp Humphrey, Va., Sept. 22, 1918
Dear Folks,
I have plenty of time this evening to write a few letters. there have been so many sick in ur company and other companies that it makes double the work for the other motor trucks ddrivers. I was out until 10:30 Monday evening and 10 last night. I was down to Washington after plumbing supplies.
Mondy I worked out at the rifle range about five miles from our camp, I go bak abut six o’clock and immediately go orders to move 250 negroes to Camp White, about ten miles away.
Abou one-third of our company is sick from influenze. They took fiver more from our barracks over to the hospital today. Lieut. Nordby was sick for a few days, but is all right now. All the Camps aroundd here are layed up from influenza.
When I was down to Washington last Sunday we were invited out for a party at the New Jerusalum Church. We went over and spent the evening and had a real nice time.
Sunday I went to church at the Congregational Church, one of the biggest in the city. It was so crowded that only part of the people could get in. They surely had a good speaker. His topic was; “Kaiser Wiliam and Theofore Roosevelt Meeting.” They had a choir of fifty-five.
In the afternoon at four o’clock they had a meeting for the young people with light supper at six o’clock. We stayed until seven o’clock and then had to go back to Camp. We had to go down on the train because nobody is allowed to use cars or trucks on Sunday. We got off at the Union Depot. It is the finest one I have ever been in.
Our lieutenant got a promotion as
Captain for another company today, so I don’t know what we will get now.
They have put on a night shift to drive the trucks that are working on the road so they can get the biggest part of the concrete road finished this fall. So our chance looks good for staying here for a while at least.
I suppose you have some pretty cold nights there now. It is so damp here that it seems as though it is ten time as cold as it is in Minnesota.
I had a chance to talk to Jeaney Comer when I was down to the city but did not go out to see her as she was on special duty that day as she works for the war deartment and are overloaded with work.
Goodbye, Reuben