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Letter From Timothy O’Connor, Renville Star Farmer, 9-12-1918

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Timothy G. O’Connor

We received a copy of the New Brunswick, N.J. Sunday Times and a letter from T. G. O’Connor, Camp Raritan, N.J. The paper contains a picture of the band to which Gerald belongs. It states there are three score members of this band and that twenty-four states are represented. The following is the letter:

Camp Raritan, New Jersey, Sept. 3. 1918

Dear Mr. Reid:

I am sending you a New Brunswick paper under separate cover, which contains a picture and write-up of our band. This band was organized some three weeks ago and is now considered one of the best bands in the country. Part of the men are on the picture. We have over fifty pieces in the organization. Probably the most distinguishing feature of the organization is that it is the only ordinance band in the U. S.

Our camp is located about twenty-five or thirty miles from New York and is about fifteen miles from both Newark and Elizabeth, N. J. It is not a very large place, there being only four or five thousand men here. They say that no one know the definate number of men who are here because new men are coming in and other men are moving out.

I am enjoying the army life and am perfectly satisfied. Among the comforts I receive is the Star Farmer, and I must say that nothing is enjoyed more than the news from home.

T. G. O’Connor