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Many Deaths From Influenza, Olivia Times, 10-10-1918

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Many Deaths of Renville County People in Army Camps and Among Civilians: Four Funerals at Hector – Mother and Son at Renville Die a Few Hours Apart and are Buried Together

Great anxiety is caused over the rapid spread of Spanish influenza, which recently broke out in the army camps, and is now spreading among the civilian population. A few cases reported at Buffalo Lake in this county.

Several deaths in camp of Renville county soldiers occurred during the week and a number of others are reported ill.

Allen Wenz, son of Chas. Wenz of Hector, a fine young man, who left here for camp a few months ago, died at Camp Grant, the first of the week. Three other soldier boys from the vicinity of Hector are reported dead also, and four funerals will be held at Hector today.

Howard McBroom, son of Eph McBroom of Renville died in a military camp at Atlanta, Ga. Last Sunday, aged 21 years. The remains were brought to Renville for burial. A sad coincidence in connection with his death was the death of his mother, Mrs. McBroom, at Renville on the same day. Mother and son will be buried at Renville today.

The funeral of Otto Stoa, another victim, was held at Sacred Heart Sunday and the funeral of another deceased soldier was held on the same day north of Renville. The prevalence and spread of the disease is occasion for much uneasiness.