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Martin-Jensen Post Organized published in the Franklin Tribune 12-4-1919

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Martin-Jensen Post 308 Franklin, Minnesota

Local American Legion Post Now Numbers More than Thirty-five and Growing!

The Franklin Post of the American Legion, Martin-Jensen Post No. 308, is rapidly growing into a strong organization and before long will include all of the servicemen in this community. It was organized with the required fifteen charter members less than two months ago and has now more than doubled membership with application coming in before every meeting of the post. The charter members are R.A. Dahms, Raymond Erickson, Spencer Erickson, Early Erlandson, George Foss, Matt Fox, Arthur H. Johnson, Evan Larson, Leonard Lund, Palmer Lund, N.M. Mahlum, Bert Martin,k Elmer Otnes, John L. Peterson, Harold Poss. Before a charter is granted, a prospective post the application must bear the signature of fifteen members.
Since the charter was received the following named members have been taken into the post: Owen Anderson, Chester Desmond, Archie Gallery, W.m T. Grimes, John Hanlon, Nels Hanson, Joseph McParland, R.J. Neunsinger, Alfred I. Thompson, Leon Thompson, Gilbert Waters, Clifton West, Archie Whetston, Elmer Steen, John O. Erickson, Jos. R. Ford, Emery Bloom, John I. Thompson, Alfred C. Thompson, Edward Wellnitz. More applications are ready to be submitted to the executive committee.
Martin-Jensen post is named for two service boys of this community who gave their lives in France. Joe Martin died on the battlefield in France while Julius Jensen died of influenza at the ort of Brest shortly after arriving there.
A special meeting of Martin-Jensen Post was held Nov. 28, nineteen members being present. The meeting was called to order by Commandant Dahms. Business pertaining to the post was transacted. Resolutions were passed condemning the shooting of four Comrades at Centralia, Washington. The entire meeting united in pledging support to our government and the Legion with one hundred percent Americanism.
Martin-Jensen Post wishes to extend thanks to all who assisted and contributed towards the Legion dance given Nov. 25.
The Workman hall has been procured for Martin-Jensen Post future meetings. A booth will be maintained in the village hall for the sale of Red Cross Christmas seals and this booth will be run under the supervision of the post.
The motto adopted by Martin-Jensen Post is: “One for All and All for One.”

The One Union by Edgar A. Guest
One for all and all for one!
This was the cry that once we made.
And great the buildings reared upon
The stones which our forefathers laid;
Our flag lights every sky today,
A symbol of the world’s renown,
The beacon of the better way.
Shall all selfish creatures tear it down?

Beyond your need for yellow gold,
Above your love for hours of ease,
Oh, toiler at the bench or mold,
Greater than all idolatries
There is a trust for you to keep,
A love that’s better than them all:
For ages shall your children weep
If now the Starry Flag shall fall.
Honest the toil and fair the pay!
United thus must free men stand
To hold the gate and bar the way
To all that would destroy our land.
Above the fortune and the place
Of which too much the wealthy brag.
Now, for the glory of our race,
Must capital esteem our flag!

But one way now all men must take
One path to journey, side by side;
No discord must our courage shake,
No hatred must our strength divide.
The greatest union calls us all,
Its fate upon our will awaits;
Now rich or port, whate’er befall,
Must work for our United States.

The test case to decide the validity of the Soldiers Bonus Law has been advanced on the Supreme Court calendar and arguments will be heard on December 19, 1919, and decision rendered shortly thereafter.
National Headquarters advises that new charters will be issued to all posts, to be signed by the first duly elected National officers. Local posts will continue to use the temporary charters at the present, which are to be replaced by the Permanent Chaters at a later date.
In order to obtain a reissue of certain articles of uniform clothing and equipment, in case articles restored to the government to whom for any reason never issued, may make application to Supplies Division, Office of Director of Storage, Munitions Building, Washington, D.C., whereupon similar clothing and uniform in kind and value as near as may be, will be returned to him.