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Published in the Morton Enterprise on October 29, 1915

Local Basket Shooters too Fast for the Eastern Neighbor; Return Game Expected Soon

The biggest word in the Arlington teams camp this week is ‘if’ and most prominent among the ”ifs” is “If Morton hadn’t had such a fast team we would have won.” Our team feels the same way only with the opposite and more pleasant expression of the word.

The way our boys treated Arlington Saturday night was a shameful and disgraceful way to treat any of the visiting teams in our village. They just would not let Arlington play with the ball at all. Important among the offenders was our promising forward. Think of it! At this day and age a person deliberately making 12 baskets in a friendly contest. His punishment should be a great but “M” sewed upon the breast of his sweater. Next comes Donlon, who, after Baker let go of the ball, swooped upon it like a vulture and refused even to let our neighbors touch it. Harry also contributed three Xs to the scorecard.

Gaasch, our speedy captain played his usual heady and trashy game, counting six baskets off the brother of the immortal Johnny McGovern. Chief, playing his first gam3e, plainly demonstrated that he was there. He scored thrice and held his man. Our other rookie, Fuller, deserves special credit. Al stuck to his forward like glue and held him scoreless. Taken all together the team worked like a machine and the team which beats them deserves to win. It sure looks to us like a winning combination.

Arlington, playing a desperate game, displayed flashes of form and in truth have a very good team. Jo Donlin plays a star game for his team and counted the only basket. A return game is looked for in the near future and we all hope a repetition will be the result.

The vital statistics:
Arlington                                 Morton
J. Donlon…………….rf………..Baker
McGovern (Capt)….rg……….H. Donlon
Spanous…………..lf………….Gaasch Capt.
Field Goals—J. Donlon, Baker 12, H. Donlon 3, Orth 3, Gaasch 6. Free Throws—Baker 2; Final Score—50-2; Referee—T.A. Varnadore

Next Saturday will be the game with Gibbon, at Gibbon. ~~ B.B. Report