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Seventeeth of May Celebration Held Recently: Norway’s Independence Day was Observed May 16 at Hawk Creek Bridge by A.A. Davidson published in the Renville Star Farmer May 27, 1937

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The 17th of May celebration, Norway’s Independence Day was celebrated last Sunday at the new Hawk Creek bridge. It was a success as to program and attendance. In fact we never did know Lief Errickson had so many decendents in this country. The crowd almost filled the Minnesota valley from bluff to bluff. Parking space was at ta premium, cars stood along the road a half a mile from the picnic grounds.

The Colorful Tom Davis of statewide political fame pointed a crown of golry to the Skandinaven race fro their achievement as citizens in our state. Also mising in a little politics. Tom is gifted with a oritorical ability possessed by very few men in our state. Attorney Haugland of Monty gave a review of the significate of the day going back 500 years into the history of Norway.

A male quartett from Sacred Heart sung several patriotic songs in two languages.

Miss Froyis Kittlsland, a fourth generation American born school teacher, sung the Norwegian National song in Norwegian.

Hawk Creek is a most beautiful place. Digging into its early history we find John C. Fremont once a candidate for the presidency of the United States. On an exploring expedition up the Minnesota river in 1862 mapped this region and gave the vailley its name on his map of that date.

We also find Louis Roberts a steam boat captain whom Roberts Street in St. Paul is named visited this place in 1858 and was so taken up with its beauty he decided to establish a town there. A store was built and stocked. It flourished althrough the Indian outbreak of 1862, had a post office call Jannett. This village was in existence till 1878 when the railroad came through and Sacred Heart was established.

Editor’s Note: A.A. Davidson was a charter member of the Renville County Historical Society helping establish it in 1940. According the the Renville County History book of 1980 published by RCHS “Hawk Creek Post Office, also called Jeanetville was established about 1869 by J.S. Earl. Later postmasters were G.B. Mulford and F.W. Brasch. The last postmaster was Ole Fugleskjel, who kept it at his place in section 10 until it was discontinued.”