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Win from Belview Town Team – 58-18

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Published in the Morton Enterprise on November 19, 1915.

When all the High School teams of neighboring towns refused to play us, a game was scheduled with the town team of Belview. Fierce tales came to our camp of the prowess of this team, and it was feared that our fellows would develop a severe case of “cold feet,” but they didn’t.

They arrived, and when we caught sight of their center, we mistook him for a mob. They had little fellows also. The game started with a rush and in a few minutes Belview scored. Nothing daunted, the boys flashed signals. Chief outleaped his man, and Baker scored. With signals working like clock0work, they soon piled up scores and the half ended with the score 32 to 13 in our favor.

In the second half, Boss Martin donned togs and stopped out as our latest addition to the forward tribe, Gaasch taking center, and Orth retiring. Donlon and “Hawk” Fuller then became restless and started things humming and our city opponents were snowed under with an avalanche of baskets; Gaasch and Baker refused to be stopped. Martin also put the basket outside of the sphere once.

The by-laws:
Belview                                               Morton H.S.
Fish                             R.F.                 Baker
Gimmestead             L.F.                  Gaasch
A Nelson                     C.                    Orth
Mogen              R.G.                Fuller
O Nelson                     L.G.                 Donlon
Field Throws: Fish 2, Mogen 1, Gimmestae 1, A. Nelson 2, Orth 3, Gaasch 13, Baker 12, Martin 1; Free Throws: A. Nelson 6. Referee-Varnadore Scorer-Ike Rosenstein