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Ask the Soldiers, Fairfax Standard, 12-12-1918

Voiced by Amazon Polly

That the soldiers, sailors and marines are deeply appreciative of the canteen service of the American Red Cross is given ample evidence many times every day. The keynote of their appreciation is perhaps best expressed on the post cards which they send to the “folks back home” when en route to points on embarkation. From a dozen picked up at random the following sentiments were taken and “speak for themselves.”

            “Red Cross are sure treating us great en route.”
            “Red Cross are sure making it happy for us.”
            “Support Red Cross in everything.”
            “For God’s sake never say ‘No’ to the Red Cross, They’re wonderful.”
            “Long live the Red Cross.”
            “The Red Cross are angels to us the way they treat us.”
            “Canteen service 100 per cent in Toledo; fifteen carloads of us well taken care of.”
            “Red Cross serving coffee, Oh, they do so much for us!”
            “Do all you can for Red Cross – they do so much for us.”