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Letter from Albert L Fischer, Bird Island Union, 12-19-1918

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Albert Fischer
October 30, 1892 – August 17, 1939

Oct. 28 1918

The Bird Island Union, Bird Island, Minn., U.S.A.

Dear Sirs:

Regarding those hair raising experiences you might imagine I’m having so near the Hindenburg Line – to date there hasn’t been any to speak of, though I’ve been across with the A.E.F. for nearly two months. We are within twelve miles of the trenches and can hear the guns boom, also, witnesses several air-craft battles. We go up closer to the front in our work, but this sector is now quiet compared to some others.

Contrary to what I thought, it’s not half bad in France. Subtract about had the “schrecklichkeit” and it’s just about as war correspondents have fed into us for 44 months, even if you have been a noncom and “busted twice.” That’s been my experience, but I’m willing to smile and be happy as the old devil. The anticipation is much worse that the realization, as usual.

Sincerely, Pvt. Albert L. Fischer