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Letter from Floyd Fuller, Morton Enterprise, 12-13-1918

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Floyd Fuller
January 14, 1900 – August 14, 1993

Floyd Fuller Writes from France

Somewhere in France, Nov. 10, 1918

Dear parents,

I received your letter of October the tenth, which was the first I have received since I left the states. I sure was glad to get it; was glad to get the clipping from the paper too.

Please send me some of the home papers for I sure like to get some news from home.

Sorry to hear that Mrs. Buth was sick, but I suppose she is better now as your letter was a month on the way.

Tell Charley Haas that I said he won’t be sorry if he gets over here because I sure am glad I got here. I wouldn’t stay home for all of John D. Rockfellow’s pile while this war is going on. They could not hire me to leave before it is over as the worst thing on earth is a slacker or draft dodger. I have some experiences since I got over but we are not allowed to tell very much so I can’t tell you what I have seen.

The longer one stays over here in the army the more he realizes the value of a country like ours and the more willing he is to risk his life in fighting for the Stars and Stripes.

I am getting used to this army life now and am rather enjoying it, regardless of the hardships of army life.

You did not give me Al’s address and I have not got it so I can’t write to him but would like to. He may be somewhere near here and I may be able to find him if I know what company and division he is in.

Did you get the handkerchief I sent you?

Well, it is nearly time to turn in so will ring off for this time. With love to all.

Your son, Pvt. Floyd F. Fuller, 6 Aero Park, A.E.F. France