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Contract for Hemp Mill to be Let Soon

Mills at Bird Island, Hutchinson, Lake Lillian and Grove City are Already Assured In a communication dated at Washington, March 30, Secretary of Commerce, Jesse Jones, announced the defense plant corporation has authorized execution of eight contracts for… Read More

Letter from George P Meurer, Bird Island Union, 26 Dec 1918

Lacourtine, France, Nov. 14, 1918 Dear Mother; Well, I will write a few lines to you this time. I suppose you are all glad that the dove of peace is flying over us again. It sure was some… Read More

Letter from William H Arlt, Bird Island Union, 12-26-1918

A Voice From France: An interesting Letter From William H. Arlt Somewhere in France, Nov. 24, 1918 Dear parents: Today is Sunday and no work, so I will write a few lines. It has been trying to rain… Read More

Letter from Albert L Fischer, Bird Island Union, 12-19-1918

Oct. 28 1918 The Bird Island Union, Bird Island, Minn., U.S.A. Dear Sirs: Regarding those hair raising experiences you might imagine I’m having so near the Hindenburg Line – to date there hasn’t been any to speak of,… Read More

Letter from Ira Strom, Bird Island Union, 12-5-1918

Somewhere in France, October 31st, 1918 Mr. H. C. Sherwood, Bird Island, Minn. Dear Friend Herb, In my other letter, which I wrote to you while on the transport on the way across, I stated that I would… Read More

Letter from Ora Huebner, Bird Island Union, 12-5-1918

Somewhere in Belgium, Oct. 26, 1918 Dear sister and all: I must write a few lines this evening as putting it off does not get anywhere. Received two of your letters in the last couple days of Aug…. Read More

Letter from Michael Young, Bird Island Union, 12-5-1918

Dear Union: I received three papers today and they made me happy to get them and to read about the news at home. I got a few some time ago. I noticed a little write-up about the Hindenburg… Read More

Letter from Howard C. Olson, Bird Island Union, 11-28-1918

Paragraphs taken from letters written Oct. 17 and 26 by Howard C. Olson, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Olson Somewhere in France, Sat. Oct. 26, 1918 Dear Mother and Father: This is Saturday morning and am… Read More

The Peace Our Soldiers Want – The Peace Our War Mothers Want, Bird Island Union, 11-14-1918

The Stars and Stripes, the official newspaper published by the soldiers of the American Expeditionary Forces in France, says editorially about the enemy peace offensive: “Let the weak hearted who are dreaming of a compromise, let the pacifists… Read More

Act of Kindness, Bird Island Union, 11-14-1918

The attached letter was received on Nov. 8th by Mr. Andrew Weber. Corporal Weber had just recovered from an attack of Spanish influenza at Camp Funston, when he notified his parents that he will soon be on his… Read More