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Letter from George P Meurer, Bird Island Union, 26 Dec 1918

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George P. Meurer
September 20, 1892 – November 25, 1966

Lacourtine, France, Nov. 14, 1918

Dear Mother;

Well, I will write a few lines to you this time.

I suppose you are all glad that the dove of peace is flying over us again. It sure was some war, but not anymore, thank God. It didn’t take us long to show Germany who was boss, did it? I bet there was a great time throughout the country when they heard the news; talk about a happy bunch you ought to have been here. We didn’t sleep for three days and nights. All we did was raise Cain. They have three bands here and there is always one of them playing.

I am attached to the military police force. I got a soft job and I only work four or five hours every day. Of course, there isn’t any of us satisfied now, being the war is over. We all want to get back to God’s country as soon as possible. It’s pretty hard to tell how long it will be. It may take three or four months, but I am in hopes to spend Christmas at home. You know I always said that.

Well, there isn’t anything to write so I will close with love to all the family, I remain,

Your loving son, Private George P. Meurer