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Letter from Frank Soderquist, Renville County Journal, 12-27-1918

Brocourt, France, Nov. 24, 1918 Dear Father: I will write you a few lines and tell you how I am getting along and some things about the places I have seen since I left Camp Lewis, Wash. The… Read More

Letter from Jay Leasman, Hector Mirror, 12-26-1918

Nov. 20, 1918 Dear Mother: This is my first chance to write for some time owing to scarcity of writing material, also that we have been moving considerably. We are quartered in an old German village which was… Read More

Letter From Carl Dahl, Fairfax Standard, 12-26-1918

France, Nov. 13, 1918 Dear Sister: Shall write a few lines to let you know that I am well, and the weather is fine here. Must tell you that I got three copies of the Fairfax paper in… Read More

Letter from George P Meurer, Bird Island Union, 26 Dec 1918

Lacourtine, France, Nov. 14, 1918 Dear Mother; Well, I will write a few lines to you this time. I suppose you are all glad that the dove of peace is flying over us again. It sure was some… Read More

Letter from William H Arlt, Bird Island Union, 12-26-1918

A Voice From France: An interesting Letter From William H. Arlt Somewhere in France, Nov. 24, 1918 Dear parents: Today is Sunday and no work, so I will write a few lines. It has been trying to rain… Read More

Letter from Andrew Anderson, Fairfax Standard, 12-12-1918

Camp MacArthur, Waco, Tex, Dec. 6, 1918 Dear Bro. Leo, Just got your letter this evening and as I have a little spare time I tho’t I would take advantage of the opportunity and answer it, because in… Read More

Letter from Willard Lammers, Fairfax Standard, 5 Dec 1918

France, October 22, 1918 Friend Editor and Folks at Home: Just a note which I hope reaches you still with the warmth of a good old Minnesota town in the big U.S.A., which I once left for Uncle… Read More

Letter from Richard Riedler, Renville Star Farmer, 11-14-1918

Everywhere in General, (in England now), Oct. 25th, 1918 Dear Folks: Well all I can say is that Columbus had a lot of nerve when he crossed the ocean in his little row-boat. I’m not coming back until… Read More

Letter from Albert Martinson, Renville County Journal, 11-15-1918

A Sailor’s Letter: Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 3, 1918 Dear Friend Emil: Well how are you stacking up these cold days? How is the old party making it? Say in case it’s not too late send me a little… Read More

Letter from Ernest Hagquist, Hector Mirror, 11-7-1918

Letter from “Chic”: France a Beautiful Place But Wants Christmas Dinner at Home–Is Learning French Somewhere in France, Sept 25, 1918 Dear Folks, I think by today you will have received the card telling of my safe arrival,… Read More