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Letter From Carl Dahl, Fairfax Standard, 12-26-1918

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Carl Dahl
January 16, 1892 – December 28, 1862

France, Nov. 13, 1918

Dear Sister:

Shall write a few lines to let you know that I am well, and the weather is fine here. Must tell you that I got three copies of the Fairfax paper in about a week now. Sure was glad to get them. You see I think more of the home paper here than I would if I were at home. The way things look now it may not be so very long before I get back home again. Should like to get home for Christmas, but I have a fine job here now; am on duty eight hours out of each twenty-four.

Well I see in your last letter that everything is O.K. back home. I suppose there are some cold morning back there now. I am sure it is cold to what it is here, and I suppose everybody is busy reading papers these days.

Well it surely has been a big day for some of the people over here.

I will take a little nap, so must close, Write and tell me how everything is. With greeting to you and the folks, I am, Cpl. Carl L. Dahl