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Letter from Frank B Marlowe, Fairfax Standard, 12-26-1918

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A.P.O. St. Aignan, France, Nov. 25, 1918

Friend Bob:

Will drop you a few lines to let you know that I am still alive and feeling fine and hope you are the same.

Well, how is everyone in Fairfax making it? Suppose it is pretty dead these days, but it will sure look good to me when I get back, believe me. This country might be all right for one who can talk Frog, but it’s no place for me.

I am not doing much these days; eating and sleeping are my two hardest jobs.

I spend most of my time now in the K. C. or Y.M.C.A taking in shows.

I am surely glad that this is over, believe me. I was in four of the biggest battles that they ever had. Was kind of hard to go over the top for the first time, but did not mind it so much after a while. Of course, it was no picnic any time; sleeping out and dodging shells and sleeping in shell holes is no snap. But I should worry, as long as I nover got hurt or shot.

Suppose the boys in the army in the states are being mustered out by this time.

I might be back around New Year’s: am not sure but am just making a guess at it.

Well Bob, as news is scarce in this country will have to close, hoping to hear from you soon.

From your friend, Frank B. Marlowe

Editor’s Note: We do not have a photograph of Frank B. Marlowe.