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Immigration, Bird Island Union, 12-26-1918

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Because of the likelihood of a tremendous rush to America of immigrants from Germany and other European countries, organized labor throughout this country is urging Congress to place a ban on all immigration for a period of at least two or three years. It is also reported that this proposal is approved by the United Stated Department of Labor and many other officials and private agencies.

In support of this plan it is pointed out that, while during the war period immigration has been at a standstill, as soon as transportation facilities are available there will be a strong disposition to flock to this country, not only on the part of those who would have come but for the war during the past four years, but also by millions of Europeans who desire to escape the heavy burdens of reconstruction work and taxation which will follow the war and which will be particularly burdensome in those countries which are called upon to pay heavy indemnities. Then too, in addition to the apprehension of a flood of foreign immigration which might seriously disturb labor conditions in this country, the question is being asked, and asked persistently, as to whether immigrants coming from Germany and the other enemy countries are to be allowed admission into the United States and citizenship on the same basis as immigrants coming from neutral countries or from those countries which have been associated with America during the war. The view is also being emphasized that some special measures should be taken with reference to the admission of people from Russia and other countries that have been so disastrously affected by the Bolshevik movement and other similar creeds to all other similar creeds which are proving so disastrous to all forms of organized government.

It is obvious that in view of the difficulties above pointed out and many others which might be readily enumerated, the immigration problem is going to be a very difficult one for Congress to deal with. However, its proper solution is a matter of tremendous importance for the welfare of the country and demands prompt attention.