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Letter from William H Arlt, Bird Island Union, 12-26-1918

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William H. Arlt
May 5, 1894 (5) – February 2, 1962

A Voice From France: An interesting Letter From William H. Arlt

Somewhere in France, Nov. 24, 1918

Dear parents:

Today is Sunday and no work, so I will write a few lines. It has been trying to rain and snow all day. We are stopped in some billets southwest of St. Mihiel, near the town of Rupt. Talk about seeing France I sure have seen my share. We unloaded in Harve and went from there to the Belgium border, near Abbuville, on the Amiens front and from there clear across the country to Tham, close to the Swiss border on the Alsace front. From there to the Vosges, then to the Metz in reserve, then to the Argonne drive where the 35th Division sure made a name for itself. From there we went to the Verdun front and when the armistice was signed were on our way to Austria. So you see I have been around some.

Verdun is sure a shot up place as there is not one whole building left there. It is sad to see the people returning to their homes. Some lost everything they had. It is nice to be able to travel in day time now without being all “camouflaged.” I have had several close calls since I have been in service. Had horses shot down while leading them and had one team killed on the wagon I was driving, when the Drive was going on in Argonne Forest.

Sherman sure told the truth when he said war was Hell. It’s all over now so we may be home sometime in the near future but don’t know when.

My knee is O.K. now, I have not had the elastic bandage on for a month. It sure was some sore baby for some time, but I consider myself lucky as I have been where there was no partiality shown to anyone. We were treated fine.

Well I guess I will close for this time, wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I remain as ever,

Your loving son, William H. Arlt